All passionate and enthusiastic members

Principal Investigator

  • Sungshin Kim
  • Sungshin Kim graduated from Seoul National University with double majors in electrical engineering and chemical engineering. In 2013, he completed PhD degree in neuroscience at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. Since 2014, he has worked as a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. He was selected as one of seven first recipients of YSF program (Young Scientists Fellowship) funded by Institute of Basic Sciences (IBS) in Korea. He started CLMN lab September, 2017. Now, he is an associate professor at the Department of Cognitive Sciences at Hanyang University.

Graduate Students

  • Sungbeen Park (PhD Student)
  • Sungbeen Park obtained a B.S. in Applied Physics at Hanyang Univ. ERICA campus and an M.S. in Computational Physics at Hanyang University. His main study was quantum phase transitions of various physical models in low temperature via matrix product states. Recently, he has planned to learn human motor controls and rehabilitations, also has been following rTMS protocols and human reinforcement learning in the Common lab at present.
  • Seojin Yoon (PhD Student)
  • Seojin Yoon obtained a B.S. in Computer Engineering and has years of experience as a software engineer. He focuses on how the brain works and how we simulate the brain activities in terms of Computational Neurosciences. His current research interest include a memory consolidation that a category of processes that stabilize a memory trace after its initial acquisition, and figuring out how people function.
  • Antoine Caraballo (PhD Student)
  • Antoine Caraballo obtained a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and a master's degree in bioinformatics. His studies focused on modeling biological phenomena and analyzing large-scale biological data. Recently, he started his PhD at the ComMon lab and wants to delve into the mechanisms underlying memory encoding, consolidation, and retrieval, uncovering how neural circuits adapt to encode and store information.
  • Moosung Kim
  • Moosung Kim has majored in psychology and computer engineering and has built a career in the field of artificial intelligence research. Due to a strong interest in both humans and robots, he has been keenly following the latest research in neuro-robotics. He is particularly interested in research focused on the integration of motor learning and cognitive processes. Additionally, he is paying attention to studies that enable robots to learn movements in complex environments like humans and to handle various cognitive tasks simultaneously.
  • Junghyun Kim (Master's Student)
  • Junghyun Kim graduated from University of Toronto with a double major in neuroscience and psychology as well as a minor in computer science and is now pursuing a Master's degree. He loves revealing mysteries of the brain and making a computational model of it. He is also interested in how neuroscience explains Ai and makes it better. Taking academics aside, he enjoys playing a drum and Pump It Up, and he is a huge fan of fruits and smoothies.
  • Yonghyun Kwon (Master's Student)
  • Yonghyun Kwon obtained a B.S. in Medical Biotechnology and double-majored in Bio Software at Kangwon National University. He is interested in mechanisms related to memory and motor skills, which are highly associated with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. He is also interested in using computing technology to explain how human behavior and memory occur.

Researchers / Research Assistants

  • Hyeree Yoon (RA)
  • Hyeree Yoon is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. She is interested in the neural mechanisms of the human brain and how the brain responses to external senses. She has a dream to create artificial intelligence that most closely resembles humans.


  • Alexander Mathis Assistant Professor at EPFL
  • Kyusik Min Kakao Enterprise Researcher
  • Chun Kee Chung Neurosurgeon at Seoul National University Hospital / Professor at Seoul National University
  • Duk L Na Neurologist at Samsung Medical Center / Professor at Sungkyunkwan University


  • Yunho Bae (RA) Undergraduate student at Hanyang University
  • Andy Bonnetto (Visiting RA) PhD student at EPFL
  • Baekho Jang (RA) Undergraduate student at Hanyang University
  • Jiwoong Shin (RA) Undergraduate student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
  • Jonghyuk Lim (MS) Samsung Heavy Industries
  • Junwoo Kang (RA) Undergraduate student at Stanford University
  • Hohyun Kang (RA) Undergraduate student at Chung-Ang University
  • Jieun Lee (RA) Undergraduate student at UCLA
  • Jisu Lee (Researcher) PhD student at Dartmouth college
  • In-gyu Choi (Researcher) .
  • Yera Choi (Researcher) Healthcare AI researcher at Naver
  • Emily Yunha Shin (Researcher) Researcher at NEUROPHET
  • Kyusung Lim (Post-Doc) AI team at LG CNS